Our mission is to create delicious coffee that brings people together through communication.

Coffee offers the perfect moment to get together with those who are dearest to you. Spending time with our loved ones over a cup of this invigorating drink – is there anything we miss more?

Time spent with our loved ones fills us with warmth and makes us smile.

Time spent with our family gives us peace and harmony.

Conversations with our friends who are there to share with us our most important events.

“Our mission is to make high-quality, delicious coffee affordable for everyone”

LEBO Coffee knows how important these happy moments of communication are for everyone. From the start of our company 20 years ago, we aspired to make high-quality coffee a drink that would be affordable to anyone.













Our modern large-scale production, large team of professionals and hard work at every stage allow us to create a drink you will want to share with those who are nearest to your heart. Uniform roasting, ultra-fine grind, unmatched taste and aroma – these are the standards of our coffee. For LEBO, every bean has value.

“A cup of LEBO coffee helps you gather your loved ones at the table to discover the rich flavor of communication together”

From 1997 and to this very day, LEBO Coffee remains faithful to its core tradition – providing its customers with high-quality natural coffee. We select Arabica coffee beans from the best plantations on three continents and deliver them right to your table.













For over 20 years LEBO has been working daily so that you can start your day with high-quality coffee. Our brand is known and loved all over Russia, our company has grown and wins numerous high-profile awards every year. Several hundred people contribute to our production process. All of us work hard to fill your time with your loved ones with warmth and affection. With values that are important to each of us.

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