Welcome to the production of LEBO coffee.

Welcome to the production of LEBO coffee.

LEBO is a path from the best plantations in the world to your cup.

  • 1.Delivery by sea

    green coffee beans are delivered from the best plantations in the world

  • 2.Coffee bean analysis

    laboratory analysis of delivered beans for quality, chemical and physical properties

  • 3.Storage and careful handling of green coffee beans

    temperature and humidity control

  • 4.Coffee bean cleaning

    special dust collection and filtration systems

  • 5.Coffee bean roasting

    advanced flash roasting systems make it possible to preserve the taste and aroma of coffee

  • 6.Degassing and blending

    expert and automated system for coffee blending

  • 7.Coffee bean grinding

    innovative cold grind system ensures ultra-fine grinding and preserves the aroma and taste of coffee

  • 8.Packaging

    automated coffee packaging using innovative packaging materials that extend shelf life

  • 9.Laboratory tests

    laboratory monitoring the quality of each freshly-made batch of coffee

  • 10.Logistics

    thanks to our own vehicle fleet, only the best varieties of coffee get to the shelves

Quality control at every stage

  • We select the best varieties of coffee from all over the world.
  • We analyze coffee beans in our private laboratory.
  • We control the quality through all stages of production – from the coffee plantation to the finished product. If any defects are found in a coffee bean sample, the entire container is returned to the supplier.
  • We use modern high-tech equipment in our production processes to ensure uniformity and maximum preservation of the taste and aroma.
  • We package our products using an oxygen-free technology and innovative film that preserves the quality of our coffee and extends its shelf life.
  • Only packages checked for defects are cleared for shipping.

Private laboratory

JSC “COMPANY “PRODUCT-SERVICE” is one of only a handful of companies that own a private laboratory for analysis of raw materials and finished products.



















Laboratory analysis is carried out to check the quality of samples before a supply is ordered, identify the properties and qualities of green coffee beans, study the chemical and physical properties of beans for their compliance with quality standards, caffeine and moisture content, absence of any impurities or signs of any diseases.

Once raw materials are analyzed, the samples are roasted and re-analyzed both as freshly roasted beans and as ground coffee brewed using all the intended methods.

A+ production

In 2016, the production facilities of JSC “COMPANY “PRODUCT-SERVICE” were fully renovated.



















As part of the renovation, the company expanded its production and storage facilities, purchased new equipment, installed its own packaging line, and purchased a unique grinder that uses the latest American equipment to provide ultra-fine grind. The metal alloy used in our millstones is the same alloy that NASA uses in its space rockets. The metal is extremely durable, which makes it possible to set the milling elements as close as possible and produce the famous ultra-fine grind.

Today we can claim with confidence that LEBO coffee is made at a world-class facility of the highest level.

Storage facilities

Both raw materials and finished products of LEBO Coffee are stored in covered warehouses with strict temperature and humidity control.



















We undergo an annual sanitary inspection and are always given high scores by our auditors.

LEBO warehouses permanently store about 800 tons of green coffee.

Office life

We are able to ensure fast shipment of goods, immediate decision-making at the corporate level, high quality implementation of commercial and marketing tools thanks to the local convergence of the production work and the managing company.



















All office staff understand the production process, and production floor workers understand the company’s business processes and share its philosophy.

To ensure comfort of our employees, we have built a modern office space with a private recreational area, dining room, and comfortable conference areas.

Own vehicle fleet

We reduce our shipping and operating costs by delivering our products to the nearest warehouses of our partners, retail chains and distributors.



















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