LEBO Coffee is 100% natural ground, whole bean, and instant coffee.

The history of LEBO Coffee began in 1997 when it became the first in Russia to produce ground coffee intended for the cezve method. For over 22 years we have been producing coffee at our private factory using advanced equipment, so that you can savor the rich flavor of communication over a cup of LEBO Coffee.

LEBO Coffee facts & figures

  • 22 years of excellent quality

    private production facility since 1997

  • 2,000,000 cups

    of LEBO coffee are enjoyed in Russia daily

  • Top 3 since 2011

    in top three for coffee sales in Russia

  • Best product of 2018

    Prodexpo winner

  • Laboratory

    High-tech laboratory, cupping area and espresso bar

  • 8000 m2

    of private storage facilities

  • 10 countries

    importing LEBO Coffee

Full production cycle

The manufacturer of LEBO coffee, JSC "COMPANY "PRODUCT-SERVICE" owns a private laboratory. We only buy select Arabica coffee with a bean size of no smaller than 16. At our laboratory, we measure moisture content, analyze every 100 g for defects, and determine whether the bean size is as declared. Only then do we carry out cupping procedure, testing a small sample for its taste and aroma.

Raw materials for LEBO coffee are purchased in accordance with the highest standards of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). We monitor their quality at all stages of production. Our green coffee beans are supplied by the best coffee plantations in Asia, South America, and Africa. If any sample fails to meet the declared standards of quality, the entire batch of coffee is returned to the supplier. We have been partners with the world's largest traders for 20 years.

A production technology that ensures airtight processing from the stages of loading green coffee beans into containers to packaging the finished product.

We make use of innovative packaging technology, making it possible to preserve the quality of our coffee and extend its shelf life. All materials, as well as our sealing technology, are up to international standards and completely safe for the consumer. Our coffee is stored in a special oxygen-free environment, preventing the product from aging and allowing it to retain its taste and aroma.

We maintain an ideal temperature and humidity in our production and storage facilities, with an area of over 8,000 sq m. We receive about 15 inspections from state agencies and federal retail chains annually, and are consistently given high scores by our auditors. All premises are owned by the company.

In 2019, we upgraded the entirety of our private vehicle fleet. Our fleet vehicles are all brand-new foreign-brand cars: both light and heavy vehicles. Our seamless logistics system allows us to reduce our shipping costs and ensures fast delivery of LEBO coffee to anywhere in Russia

We offer our partners favorable prices, a popular product, comfortable payment terms and installment plans, trade marketing support, and personalized service.

We are prepared to offer personalized local sales support programs for each customer. Our innovative marketing system includes integrated ATL and BTL support to ensure the highly effective promo campaigns.

Virtual tour around LEBO Coffee production premises

5 rules of LEBO Coffee

  • 1

    1 Coffee should be affordable!

    While our colleagues position coffee as a premium product, we make sure to deliver prime quality at the most attractive price. Our long expertise, direct shipments from our suppliers in Asia, Africa and America, and privately owned production facilities in Russia allow us to control our prices and exclude a marketing markup.

  • 2

    Honest coffee from an honest producer

    We neither invent non-existent technology, nor enrich our coffee with diamond chips, and we certainly do not allow advertising to dominate the taste and quality of coffee. We believe that when it comes to coffee, it's all about taste, and we never seek to mislead the customer.

  • 3

    Coffee that we make for our own family

    LEBO is a family-type company. We have a staff turnover of nearly zero at our factories! That is because we see our business as our child — we nurture it and cherish it every day. You can be confident that everyone who produces LEBO Coffee is making and serving it for their loved ones every morning.

  • 4

    Safety comes first

    We carefully select our coffee suppliers and ensure the cleanliness and safety of our production process. All coffee beans are tested in the private laboratory of LEBO Coffee, and the company's storage facilities and factories are kept perfectly clean.

  • 5

    A balance of technology and tradition

    We regularly upgrade our production equipment. We use the latest international innovations to roast and grind our coffee, employ our own know-how, and stay ahead in technology. But whenever we adopt a new technology, we always remember that one thing must remain unchanged — the technology of slow brewing in the cezve. The traditional way of making coffee is the focus of LEBO Coffee.

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