Caring is a fundamental of doing business.

PRODUKT-SERVIS COMPANY is a socially responsible enterprise.

We own safe high-tech production facilities, with all of our production premises equipped with air purification filters that eliminate any possibility of toxic emissions into the atmosphere.

We work only with trusted suppliers and partners who choose the most environmentally friendly and safe methods for cultivation and processing of coffee beans.

For us, environmental consciousness is not a meaningless phrase, but a fundamental of our work. That is why we regularly support green space development programs all over Russia.

We pride ourselves in our support for culture, and dedicate a special program to the cause. We have special offers for cultural centers and theaters across the country. We always support cultural events and welcome opportunities cooperation in any Russian city.

Our mission is to create high-quality coffee that brings people together through communication.

Our values

  • Following traditions

  • Buyer comes first

  • Ethical marketing

  • Environmental consciousness

  • Fair partnership

  • Discover the rich flavor of communication in social media

Discover the rich flavor of communication in social media