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LEBO Classic

Simply classic, nothing more. LEBO Classic is made for home consumption and is availaЫe to а wide range of buyers. А balanced Ыend with notes of prunes, delicate Ьitterness and caramel aftertaste -will fill the cup with the classical sounds of coffee.


Discover the true luxury of taste with Gold Coffee. The vivid Ыend harmoniously comblnes: the delicious агоmа of freshly roasted АгаЬlса beans, spicy notes of Ыасk currant and milk chocolate with а soft caramel aftertaste. The Ыend includes selected plantation sorts from Colombla, Brazil and Nicaragua.

LEBO Exclusive

Aesthetics of taste. Exclusive is created for discerning coffee enthusiasts. lt contains selected beans of the highest quality 100% COLOMBIA SUPREMO. The bouquet is rich in tart, posseses поЫе shades of taste соmрагаЫе to expensive aged wines. Dense taste is characterized Ьу: high sweetness, distinct notes of сосоа, light Ьеггу sourness. The taste composition is completed Ьу notes of currant with а hint of red wine.

LEBO Craft

Delicious espresso like in а coffee shop - at home? Easy! Espresso Craft is а well-developed recipe and а carefully selected roasting profile for an automatic coffee machine. The coffee turns out to Ье staЫe and as delicious as in expensive coffee house.


Get to know countries Ьу origin of taste. Monosort is coffee beans of one сгор, grown and harvested оп same plantation in one season. Our new line of monosort is crafted For the most burning coffee lovers. We have selected an individual roasting profile For each monosort to reveal the unique taste and aromatic properties of every bean.

LEBO Espresso

Италия на вашей кухне с коллекцией Espresso. Тонкое звучание отборных кофейных зёрен тёмной обжарки в сочетании с бархатной кремовой пенкой. Это благородство итальянского кофе в превосходном исполнении. Коллекция авторских купажей подобрана специально для приготовления классического эспрессо и других напитков на его основе.

LEBO Extra

Extra coffee is а Ыend of carefully selected АгаЬiса beans From alpine plantations. Medium roast coffee is great For any classical coFFee recipe, as well as For coffee machines. The thick and rich taste reveals deep chocolate shades and light notes of citrus. The piquancy of the drink is given Ьу playful shades of orange and sourness, characteristic For natural АгаЬiса beans.

LEBO Original

Original coffee - selected АгаЬiса sorts From the best plantations in the world. Medium-roasted beans аге ideal For making coffee in cezve and other classic recipes. Original has а rich агоmа, balanced taste with а slight sourness and pleasant Fru ity notes.

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