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Discover the true luxury of taste with LEBO GOLD coffee. The bright rich blend harmoniously combines the delicious aroma of Arabica beans, spicy notes of black currant and milk chocolate with a soft caramel aftertaste. In addition to commercial varieties, selected plantation coffee varieties of the FINE CUP category are used in the blend. The position uses a 100% blend of Arabica from Colombia, Brazil and Nicaragua.

LEBO Exclusive

Exclusive LEBO coffee is created for discerning coffee connoisseurs. LEBO EXCLUSIVE is a monosort of selected grains of the highest quality-100% COLUMBIA SUPREMO. Colombia Supremo is one of the most recognizable varieties of coffee. Colombia is one of the largest coffee producers in the world, along with Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia. This high-altitude variety of Arabica Supremo coffee is hand-picked at an altitude of 1200-1800 meters. Grown on the sunny plantations of Colombia, bright and rich, it is the standard of coffee taste for many coffee lovers. Its bouquet has tart noble shades, comparable to expensive aged wines.

LEBO Original

Light yet rich texture of LEBO Original will remind you of special moments and inspire you to seek new discoveries, while its fruit notes will refresh your day and fill it with new colors.

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